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Author: Subject: Berreta PX4 vs Smith and Wesson M&P
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Berreta PX4 vs Smith and Wesson M&P

I thought I would make a post comparing these two guns because when I was looking to purchase I did not feel like I got any of the right answers about them. For the record, I have a full size PX4 in a .45 F, and have a compact M&P in the 9mm. I will hold my final conclusion for the end.

First I would like to talk about a couple negatives around the PX4 that I did not see expressed elsewhere:
* The safety is the biggest flaw to this gun. It sticks out too far, and it makes it painful to rack the slide 50 times in a decent trip to the range.
* The slide is a bit on the thin side, and although this has not caused any problems for me, I did notice that the front sight has been milled through the slide. I am told that it is basically painted in place, and if you change the sights out you need to locktite them.
* The dual action trigger pull is very long and heavy....but is consistent in it's feel throughout the pull.
* The single action trigger does have a lot of slack to take up, but this does not personally bother me.

As for the M&P, I have the newest edition, new barrel twist, improved trigger, etc, etc. With that said, it too has a few flaws:
* The stock trigger is still gritty, after thousands of pulls it has improved, but it is no where as good as the PX4.
* The stock trigger is also VERY heavy feeling, even heavier than I would expect with the advertised weight.

In my searching, I no doubt found lots of M&P fans, and very few users or fans of the PX4. In doing so I did get a few misconceptions told to me about the PX4:
* The barrel axis is higher. Although the slide is taller, the barrel axis is not higher. As near as I can measure they are identically between the two guns. The barrel axis on the M&P, IMO, looks lower because there is less metal, but if you measure it that metal sits higher.
* The PX4 is not built with the same quality as the M&P. Although time will tell for sure, but so far my PX4 feels better built, seems better engineered, and has been flawless in usage.

I wanted to give a quick word about the PX4 safety flaw in ergonomics. It is a MASSIVE flaw. So massive I almost got rid of the gun. I was lucky enough to come across the stock berreta "stealth" or "low profile" decocker. It changes it from a safety into only a decocker, but it sits flush, and makes this gun a pure joy to rack the slide. So while this is a huge flaw, it was one that I was able to overcome.

All things considered, both guns are great guns. Both are reliable, well built, and serve a unique purpose. If I could only have one it would depend on which type of gun I am looking for:
* If I can only have one and I want something for CCW or in a compact, it would be the M&P hands down. The PX4 IMO only works well in the full size, the smaller versions are not small enough in the dimensions I care about. I feel like the M&P offers the better compact option.
* If I am looking for a full size it would be the PX4. The PX4 has IMO a much better trigger. I am more accurate with the PX4, and feel that it's operation is very good.

I am disappointed the PX4 gets put down so much, and is ignored so heavily. It truly is an excellent weapon, and stands up very easily against the M&P. If anyone has any specific questions about things I may have not mentioned here in contrasting these two fine guns, feel free to ask me. I obviously neglected a lot of details about both guns, but was really trying to point out things which I was unable to find before my purchases.

jent d-_-b
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