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Author: Subject: So, a question for all of you:
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[*] posted on 2-19-11 at 04:25 PM   «:|:»  Link to post Reply With Quote
So, a question for all of you:

Um, what's everyone been up to?
Been rather slow in real life myself but getting stronger. Sitting don't hurt as much!
(Translation: Why's the board been slow lately? School and stuff?)

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Well I think there are several factors at play here:

The biggest factor is just less people come here any more...and that is from several reason:
* Many people moved, and had major life changing events
* Many people were on here while in school, then they graduated and got jobs (which is one reason for the name change, to try and be more PC while at the work place)

But there are other reasons that posting/conversation has reduced....it is really a self feeding cycle. People don't post if there is nothing interesting to talk about. There is nothing interesting to talk about if no one posts. Many people try to gauge a lot about what is worth to post, and what is not...so much so that new threads rarely get created. And that has caused the discussion to go down a lot.

Because of the above thing, that has caused even more people to leave.

So what we are left with is:
* me, I check in daily still
* everyone else, who rarely checks in, and even when they do check in, it is usually just to read, and not to post

I am open to suggestions on how we can drive more traffic to the website. I don't think the original group of people will be coming back. If discussions started I think a subset of them may come back, but certainly not the vast majority of them.

I need to think of a way to drive new people to the site. I was hoping a new soulBay game would have been a great opportunity to do that (and even had interest from outside people about starting it, although when I made the thread, none of them signed up and posted....soooo.....)

Thoughts?? Anyone?

jent d-_-b
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