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Author: Subject: The Palin Brand? (Great blog post)
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[*] posted on 6-9-10 at 08:10 AM   «:|:»  Link to post Reply With Quote
The Palin Brand? (Great blog post)

I got this through the grapvine:

I thought I would post it here. It's very well written, but may not necessarily be surprising. It talks about the "palin brand", what her image is and the philosophies behind it. But also gives some very recent examples about how she really has no brand, and is in fact just piling garbage on to her image for what is convenient at the time.

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I agree. She doesn't really seem to have any strong political issues she fights for anymore. It seems her goal is to just to try and rebuild the Republican party anyway she can by getting any Republican into office. It doesn't matter if the Republican candidates have good moral character or not.

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