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Author: Subject: [COPY] Photo Tour Of The Detroit Auto Show 2009


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Photo Tour Of The Detroit Auto Show 2009

No thanks to Spank, I made it to the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. Last time I went was in 2004 with Spank.

There were a good number of car companies not present at the show this year, mainly due to the economy and terrible car market. Ferrari, Porsche and Nissan were the big ones that didn't show up. Otherwise it was a very good show with tons of awesome new cars and some wild concept cars.

The electric powered Chevy Volt was a big hit, as was the Honda Fuel Cell car. These vehicles were allowed to drive around inside the building as they are 100% emission free. With the few missing companies there was space inside the COBO Center to build a 1/8 mile "green driving track."

There was a huge emphasis on hybrid and alternative fuel/powered vehicles, but thank God there were some 600 HP cars there.

Here are just a couple of the pictures that I took. If anyone wants to see anything in different or more pictures of some car, let me know. I have about 500 pictures.


The American Cars:

New Lincoln concept cross over SUV with an all glass roof. It was the only car hanging on a wall, but you could see directly into the interior from the glass roof.

The new Camaro. After a bunch of years of no production, the Camaro is back. This one is the base model with a 300HP V6. The SS Camaro will have a 6.2L 400 HP V8 from a Vette.

Can't talk about a Camaro without talking about a Corvette. This is the ZR1. Its the most powerful production car ever built in the USA. Over 600 HP from a super charged V8. This car has a carbon fiber roof and all sorts of weight saving features. 638HP and 3,300 lbs. That's FAST! And no, they didn't let that little kid drive it...

The opposite of a ZR1 Corvette is a Chevy Volt. This car will probably be the most important vehicle GM has ever produced. It will be the first "Plug In Hybrid" car. GM had poured more money into this program than perhaps any other single car project in history. The Volt can be driven 40 miles on the battery alone before the small gas motor fires up to turn a generator to keep the battery charged. The idea is a sub 40 mile commute to work will be gas free. It takes 7 hours to recharge the volt which GM recommends doing during the night, during "off peak" times. They claim that if run on electricity alone, it will only cost .02 cents a mile to drive.

Here is a cutaway of the Volt. You can see the large Li-ion battery in the "tunnel" between the two front seats. The cut away is plugged in. If you look right above the front left tire you can see the outlet plug.

The King of all Vipers, the 2009 Viper ACR. This car is fully track ready with huge racing brakes, a roll cage, fuel cell, near slick tires and a fire extinguisher.

Opposite the Viper is a small, all electric Dodge EV. I don't know that it really had a name or not. (EV = Electric Vehicle) This car is like a mini viper on batteries instead of a V10.

Ford had some really great cars, including a hybrid Fusion that gets 41 mpg in the city. But it didn't look cool so I didn't post pictures.

This Scion TC stuck out like a sore thumb in the Toyota/ Scion area. It was really radical looking. The wheels were amazing. They had about a 6 inch dish

Ok Spencer and Jensen, keep your pants on. The Audi display was probably the most impressive overall. They had everything on display. An TT-S, S5, S4, A8L, R8 V10, Sport Back Concept and the Le Mans winning V12 TDI car. It was awesome.

This is the Audi Sport Back Concept car. It is not a future model, it is just a prelude to future Audi design cues. It was really a nice looking car, but it was almost invisible next to the R8 park alongside it.

Here is easily the coolest car of the show. It an Audi R8 with a Lambo V10. Same engine out of the Gallardo. It was simply stunning. It made everything else at the show look mundane. I'll post up some more pics of it later.

Based on the SL, this is the top of the line AMG tuned car available in the US. Called the AMG Black Series. It is simply outrageous. The rear fender flares house 5 inch wider tired then stock! This car means business and it look the part. I don't remember the HP figure, but it has a twin turbo V12. Probably the most powerful car at the show.

I don't know what to say about this car other then its based on the AMG SLR Mclaren.

Back to reality for a moment. Here is the Fisker display. The sedan is the well known Karma and the convert is a Sunset. Both cars are plug in, high performance luxury hybrids. They have a direct injection 2.0 liter turbo 4 banger with 260HP helping a 250 HP electric motor. Together they produce 900+ ft-lbs of torque. They are both AWD and very heavy. Performance isn't great, but they should return excellent fuel economy. I really like the looks of the sedan. Its probably the most aggressive looking sedan ever made. The sloping roof in the back blends into the huge rear fender flares beautifully.

Lastly is the Gallardo LP 560-4. 560 HP, 4 wheel drive. The paint was a semi flat blue. It was stunning. I wanted it. I also wanted to model that Lambo hired to stand next to their cars.

Again, if anyone wants to see pictures of any cars they heard were there, or more pictures of one above, let me know.
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Great post....I went ahead and improved some of the formatting (hope you don't mind) and posted it as an article. Love to give more exposure to great post and great content. Thanks Aero
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Nice photos! Those cars are really beautiful but something i could never afford. Thanks for sharing.

Placement financier
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All of the cars that I wanted to see at that show were at the denver show anyway.... Besides when you were in the shithole known as detroit looking at a few high horsepower cars I was working/dyno'ing on a high horsepower car.

Any plans to go this year? Josh wants to go to Vegas but I would still be interested in checking out detroit. We could meet up w/ Paul in chicago too.

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