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Author: Subject: [COPY] Concept Car Interiors Detroit 2009


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Concept Car Interiors Detroit 2009

In a continuation of the Detroit Auto Show 2009 Photo Tour Article, here are some photos of concept car interiors from the same show. These articles were sp[lit into two parts to allow for larger images.

First up is a Lincoln concept car. The hollow steering is pretty over the top as are the "floating" seat design. This vehicle also features "suicide doors" primarily to allow for better viewing of the interior during the show. Suicide doors are popular on concept sedans.

Chrysler had very few concept cars at the show. Chrysler is in the worst financial situation of the big 3, and it showed. This concept sedan also features a mostly hollow steering wheel; obviously lacking an airbag. The most note worthy feature here is the floating center console. An opening behind the radio and climate control console is an obvious copy of a Volvo design. Its designed to give a more open feel to the cockpit. You won't have the feeling of having your feet in different part of the vehicle as the other front passenger.

The Saab 9-X Air concept car looks like it would be a perfect fit for Miami or LA, but probably not anywhere else. The side windows look like a speed boat and is obviously designed for driving to and from your boat. The speed boat theme is carried into the interior. The interior is color matched with the exterior. The design looks simple and straight forward. Nothing too exotic here, although its futuristic looking. A production version would likely share very little with this concept.

This vehicles interior is pulled straight from the previous generation SLR McLaren super car. However, with no roof, side windows and windshield it looks very different. Notice the tiny "windshields" they seems like a joke. A full face helmet would be a must in this car. The interior is all business here; lots of carbon fiber and few comfort features. With no wind protection there is no need for any climate control or radio. This vehicle is in its final form, 100 will be produced and they are all sold.

The flagship Maybach sedan is no concept car. This vehicle is currently sold around the world. Most sales are to Dubai in the UAE and Hong Kong. This car is designed for one purpose; comfort. It looks like it would be a haven in stop and go traffic.

Of all the wild concept cars at the show, the Volvo S60 concept is perhaps the most interesting. The entire design is very exotic, and yet everything about it could see production minus the suicide doors. First thing to notice is the floating center stack or console. This has become a trademark Volvo feature in the last couple of years. Again, it gives a more open cockpit feel. This one however has been continued all the way to the back seats. Its forms a wave that connects the car from the dashboard to the rear seats. It houses controls for climate and audio for the rear passengers. The rest of the dashboard looks like a continuation of current Volvo design. The headrests are specifically designed to prevent whiplash. During a hard impact the headrest can follow your head/neck forward and support it on the whip back preventing neck injuries. This concept car is loaded with safety features that put other cars to shame in the safety department.

This is a very small two seat all electric powered Toyota concept car. Its designed to be very affordable and the interior shows off a simple, cheap and yet nice ride. Interior materials were all plastics and cloth for the seats. The gold or bronze interior colors are matching to exterior trim bits such as fender flares. The automatic transmission gear selector is a round knob and not the traditional lever. It would certainly give the feel or an electronic device and not a mechanical one which is fitting for the car. This design however has been stolen from recent Jaguars. The newest flagship Jaguar sedan had a automatic shifter that looks nearly the same. The knob can be pushed down to be flush when not in use.

Lastly is one that made me laugh. This is the new BMW 6 convertible. The leg room for the rear seats is awesome!

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ts designed to give a more open feel to the cockpit. I won't have the feeling of having your feet in different part of the vehicle as the other front
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Great post TD. I really love the design,especially the aura of elegance and sophistication of the cars.
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I agree that the cars are very sleek and with interesting design.

However, there is very little "concept" in these cars. You can change all the things you want on the outside but the inside has still not really changed.

Here is a concept: a non internal combustion car, or an internal combustion car that does not run on petrol.

The internal combustion has really not changed all that much in the last hundred years. It is pathetic to think that the model T has better gas mileage than some of the SUVs on the road today.

We should be running cars off of water at this point or at least another fuel source.

Carrying hydrogen is a dangerous deal but that is only if you separate it before it is used. Do it in the injection stage just before combustion and it is stored as harmless water in your gas tank.

I know what your thoughts are on this: why Clubs you are talking crazy because you can not do it with just a car battery to separate the covalent bonds. I would just recommend you look up Stan Meyer and see that he did it and has a patent.

Beyond that. How much money do these auto companies put into the concept cars that are only changing superficially?

How much money is wasted on government spending in the military that could be used to develop a car that runs on water for the army first and then gets to the public sector?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kpWqdPMjmo That is one year and it was 2.3 Trillion dollars.

Are you telling me that we could not research a better car with 2.3 trillion dollars?

How much money did it cost to put a man on the moon?

Just some food for thought.

What do you think?

veQDuj 'oH Dujllj'e'
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