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Author: Subject: MonkeyBUD - Herbal Smoke Blend Review! 100% Legal
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MonkeyBUD - Herbal Smoke Blend Review! 100% Legal

Hi all! I haven't seen many herbal smoke blend reviews here or anywhere else on the net that really talk about herbal smoke blends so I hope this is
the right spot for this sort of thing. If not please forgive me in advance and move to the right forum if possible?

Now a little background on why I decided to take a dive into the Herbal Blend/Legal smoke/ Herbal incense scene. I have been a casual herb smoker for
over 3 years now and as all of us smokers out there it can become expensive, and now even with the economy and such taking another stab at us
middle/lower class peoples I have come to the educated conclusion that with my limited income i can either afford stress sometimes or get something
that is always available with desireliable results and is 100% legal anywhere even possibly at work!

So after countless google searches and lurking other dead or little underground forums (where all forum members speak in strange confusing code and
are forbidden to describe the effects of substances, as if the KGB where reading every word in cold war USSR!) I ordered a sample (Free+$2.99 S/H)
from MonkeyBUD.com on December 2nd and recieved it in a secure plain envelope USPS first class in the amount of 1g about 3 days later. Not bad I
suppose, I was surprised it arrived so soon. **excuse pic quality from cell phone**

I opened the little baggy and it smelled of sweet and light vanilla. Light fluffy herbs that are in 80% of most other herbal blend or "spice-alike"

So I packed the fluffy stuff into my favorite pipe and toked .5g in a few hits.

My first impression as I held in the smoke was it was amazingly smooth smoke, unlike most other herbs I have tried, and it was noticeably lighter than
cigarette smoke and MJ smoke but with its own unique kind of body and smoke texture. It didn't hit me as fast as one would expect with MJ smoke, but
it took only minutes for a warm fuzziness flow over me followed by a feeling of rising happy-ness or joy in my chest rising up my throat. This
developed into uncontrolable smiles that felt like they crossed my face ear to ear, lol, a very funny feeling I hadn't been able to feel since my
first days tokin' MJ.

These smiles and the inner warmth feeling felt pretty good and my head buzzed with a clearness, but still a euphoria a little lighter than stress
euphoria of MJ, more bubbly for about an half hour or so, so I smoked some Mj and instantly I felt the two mix and mingle into something really good.
And I had the munchies really bad! So I ate some chocolate cookies with white chips and I felt even better! gorged on some other foods for the next
hour or so, then it hit me, a deep droopy heavyness and the couch lock sensation. I didn't care to get up to get the remote to even change the boring
channel I was watching!

I was just at peace with whatever was vibing at the monent. Another hour or so later still feeling good but tired, so I took a nap on the recliner
then went to my room to nap for another 4 hours, woke up around 9pm and felt very refreshed and rested.

Overall I would rate MonkeyBud a 4/5 for herbal smoke blends and 'spice-alikes' out there that I have tried, and will review soon. As we all know
these smoke blends and herbal blends contain some sort of Synthetic, Semi-synthetic, anandamides, FAAS, and/or short chain fatty acids on top of the
natural herbal properties of the plants themselves and oil/alkaloidal extracts making these products the most reliable and legal products that we have
come to adopt and love!

For some of you on parole, or in civil/military service, or just drug free for work and home, these products are surprisingly available and a reliable
way to have fun and get stoned. These herbal smokes are worth trying.
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