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Author: Subject: Plea for Congressional Balls
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Plea for Congressional Balls

I don't know how most people feel, but I've been starting to feel disappointed with the lack of balls this congress has. So I sent a letter reminding my representatives why I voted for them.

Here's my letter.
I'm concerned about the Democratic bill for Health Care Reform and how that bill has suffered through concessions. I voted Democrat because this congress I believed had the best chance at amending problems that have grown unchecked for the past decade.

I want a public option and I want affordable health care that is beneficial too me, not just the share holder. I refuse to pay into a weakened reform bill that provides me with too little protection, and offers far to many concessions to a Republican minority disinterested in reforming existing industry. I don't want to see in a Democratic Majority, a public option and employer mandate voted down, while seeing something as unsupported as abstinence only education passing.

It's as simple as this. I will not support an incumbent Democrat in the next election, if the representative I vote into office is not willing to push back just as hard as their opponent. I would love to see a day when we can easily find middle ground with Republicans, but I don't want to sacrifice when that middle ground comes at too high of a cost.

If you feel like contacting your rep here's a few links.


It's better to email them then to actually write a physical letter, since congressional security can delay delivery for weeks.
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I myself don't vote. I personally have too many issues in my own head to even consider trying to get involved with such things.
However it does effect me in ways I must live with, because as many would say if I don't speak when my opinion is asked for, don't complain when the issue bites you for it. I can live with this.
Take a look at the following video closely and you'll see a change in the attitude of the thoughts of these men on their faces and such as ages pass from one of "I am here to do my job, and I'm proud of it and my country" to "I really do have a lot to hide from these people, but this country still needs me and I don't need them".
I don't mean they each had their own agenda, nor am I implying they are all part of some conspiracy. I am pointing out their "what the world sees in a President" appearances from what they were in the "My country, tis of thee. I am appointed over thee." demeanor.
So yeah, I think there's MUCH more behind the scenes than we know...
...BTW, it IS a cool video!

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