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Author: Subject: Fighting with the host
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Fighting with the host

So the host that hosts the site spicylemons.com is bitching at me. They don't like hosting the reefer madness videos, the podcast, or the hemp for victory video.

I am quite very pissed. They will ether let us host these completely legal files, or I am going to discontinue my service with them.

In the meantime, if the shit hits the fan, you may notice that the site spicylemons.com wont load, or that a file linked on the site for download may not work. If ether of these happen don't worry.
1) it is temporary, it is all backed up, and it will be restored somewhere
2) the forums will continue to operate uninterrupted. Anything that is hosted on the server that hosts den.spicylemons.com will continue to work as expected.

If you have any questions or concerns send me a U2U or post it on the questions board. Hopefully they will wise up (I mean I have been paying them for over three years, with no intention to stop unless they start doing crap like this).

But ether way, if you notice the homepage down, or some resources not working...just report it to me via U2U (to make sure I am aware of it). But know that you can still access the forms via den.spicylemons.com until the homepage problems are resolved and back up.
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