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Author: Subject: US Bank To Allow Check Deposits via iPhone

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US Bank To Allow Check Deposits via iPhone

The USAA bank will soon let you deposit a check with your iPhone. Many banks have iPhone apps that allow online banking, but USAA, from its single
branch in San Antonio, will be the first to dispatch with the decidedly old-school check.

Using the application, customers photograph the front and back of the check with the iPhone’s camera. Hit send and the check is whisked off into the
clearing system. The paper check itself never needs to go to the bank, and you can just tear it up and toss it away (or, for the more paranoid, file
it in a safe place). The service will be appear in an update to the already available iPhone app sometime this week. The application will also steer
you to your nearest ATM, show you where the nearest car rental joint is and, weirdly, “record accident details to help you file a claim.”

What surprises us is that people still use checks. In Spain, cash is still king, but more and more people use debit cards that work just like checks,
only without the dead trees. I almost never see checks, to the extent that when I do spot one being written, I stare and point. The app is free, and
available now

Source: www.nytimes.com
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