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Author: Subject: The Tank Finally Speaks Out...
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The Tank Finally Speaks Out...

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That's my view on anyone, anything un-American. (No, that does not mean I have hate, nor am starting a revolution. Nor does it mean I want to control (it?). It's just a view. Period.)


If you are basically un-U.S. Citizen, then you are my brother or sister and I tell you what, we need a RIOT badly! (Nothing serious or really, really messy, but one of utter inability to be ignored. One of a strong message that WE have had enough of this 'take-over' and want our country back!)

Let me explain.

There are two different animals walking this part of our continent we bordered up long ago for our safety-zone from other borders. These animals (ok, people... Sorry) These people are basically driven by both themselves as well as the world around it. Has been for decades and decades... A long damn time even.

It started out pretty good, I think. All the people were banded together quite strong. Brothers and Sisters of a new land. We had our values, our strengths and weaknesses, and each other. Those who had weaknesses did not fear, for those with strengths nearby held them up, for even though the other was weak, HIS strengths held him up.

We developed a Government that seemed to be rather strong, for obviously so many people had so many different views, and ALL must be heard. We found strong people to lead us and help us develop laws and values combined from all the views of all the people.

We sat back and began a lengthy journey towards our future. Little did we know this creation of ours would take on a life of it's own, both in the high offices of our 'White House' as well as in private sectors around the country.

We can't say exactly when, or where, it happened. Suddenly we start to see changes in the lifestyles around us. We went Food got cooked faster. We could see things farther thru some lens device. We could see better inside at night and didn't need candles any more. We could talk to others far away. We could hear, along with everyone else at the same time, certain entertaining or educational 'programs'. We could travel faster because autos were developed. Television. Microwaves. Computers. The list goes on and on and on and; Well, you get the idea. We are happy, content, thriving, learning from our mistakes and making some form of effort to make sure our Country is still one, even if we still don't agree on everything.

Meanwhile, this 'monster' ravaging at our very core all around us claims as much of America as it can. It begins to separate "We the people" into three basic groups: Those who are comfortable as things happen and change, and wouldn't trade the world for the changes. Those who are too busy with themselves to even notice there is a change around them because they are too caught up in themselves, so may live here within these borders, or not. And those who noticed the change, also noticed it was too late to stop it, but began to prepare themselves as the changes happen, in order to protect that which they are themselves.

We, the people still managing to walk within these borders and calling it home, keep on going forward in our lives. We now know there are so many people we can't obviously keep track of everyone, but still we manage to connect with others and a certain network is formed because of this.

This network helps us with knowing at least a few other views of all the people of the country. It also lets us communicate, grow, gain knowledge and funds and more entertainment and more types of food and more anything we need. We watch. We read. We investigate. We talk. We ask. We answer. We vote. We are heard.

Meanwhile the creature we developed has also taken on it's own network. It's already under control of main lines of wealth, certain power areas. It has always kept track of every individual person within the borders, and also kept track of others who visit. It's network far exceeds that of those who still conform to the old ways, but it hasn't fully got control of them.

Now let's get to the future. Well, the relative future anyways. Almost everyone knows there is a battle between all of us who are a part of this country. It has actually split into two basic ways of life: 'The People of The United States of America" and "United States Citizens".

I myself am proud to live as an American. I do not blow out of proportion the laws of our forefathers who came before us. I do not lay claim to knowing better than the other man, simply because their weaknesses are irrelevant not only to my cause, but to any other person's cause around me. I do not by any means try and make myself above the crowd, nor do I dig holes and hide from the crowd either.

U. S. Citizens go around enjoying life in the U. S. A. and the rest of the world. (The borders mean nothing. "We the people" really don't mean anything. After all, it's all about government and politics and the future now.)

Americans live in The United States of America. They know the full story, or at least enough to try and keep a few steps ahead of what they already saw, or were told about in their network of "We the people". The future is just as important to us as the history we had. We know we are the legacy of our forefathers.

The bottom line of this entire post was already stated at the beginning. Now I will give the final bottom line in the form of a question:

If you live here within these borders, are you an American, or are you a U.S. Citizen?

(The views will vary, that is obvious. Other questions arise, like "Were you born here?" and "Do you have a social security number?" and etc...)

I wonder how it will all end. I know my post just has.

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