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Author: Subject: Worlds Cheapest Car


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[*] posted on 3-26-09 at 01:24 AM   «:|:»  Link to post Reply With Quote
Worlds Cheapest Car

Its called the Tata Nano. It comes from India, and it cost a whopping $2000.

I have been reading about this car for a while and I found the first road test of it.


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ya, i have been reading about it too. But I have not posted it because I don't think it's a good thing. Cars should not be getting cheaper, I see no reason for more people to be able to buy cars. Nothing but an environmental disaster.

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I agree with you in essence Jensen but I would like to hope that Indian citizens would have more self control than most americans and NOT drive everywhere or for every little errand they run. In a culture where few can even say they have driven a car the idea of being able to take a family of four on a 100+ mile trip w/out pilling onto the top of a train seems like a good thing to me... Besides, most vehicles like this tend to be stepping stones and not long term componants of a manufacturers linup. Think GEO, bought up by GM and they no longer exist.

The coolest thing about this IMO is that the vehicle can be profitable yet is cost so little. $2000 wouldn't even cover the per unit cost of engineering for most american vehicles and I would guess that this car will be just as reliable.

Jensen, I wouldn't worry too much about the impact of these cars in the immediate future. Cars are still limited in use by lots of things, most importantly is the access to roads. This is india were talking about not the US, UK, or Germany. Car doesnt do much good in highly overcrowded metro areas...

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