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Author: Subject: Marijuana could prevent Alzheimer's for aging brains?!?
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[*] posted on 1-27-09 at 01:42 PM   «:|:»  Link to post Reply With Quote
Marijuana could prevent Alzheimer's for aging brains?!?

Interesting stuff coming from ohio of all places. Research shown with rats show that even a low dosage, but regular use, can help reverse memory loss. Counter intuitive based on how it effects short term memory.

This article had lots of interesting points. One thing I found particularly promising is there is a small blurb on how MS actually effects the brain very similarly to alzheimers. Though they have no research to show it, I can't help but wonder if maybe this could help people with MS. But until we get over the stigmata of marijuana research like this just wont happen, and it will be the people with the diseases who suffer most, not people who use the drugs.

also i found this very interesting too:
Other research has shown that young people who take Advil regularly for arthritis, drink alcohol in moderation or smoke cigarettes reduce their risks of developing Alzheimer's as they age, but marijuana is the first substance that has worked on older brains in experiments.

Anyways I will stop giving my half brained opinions and let you just read it:

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Good read, thought the article had very little in the way of "meat and potatoes" imo. I want to know more about what mechanisms the cannabinoids are acting on or how it is capable of reducing brain cell death. Good to hear that there are M.D.s out there who aren't afraid of walking outside socially acceptable boundries in order to acheive their goals of helping their fellow man.

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