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Author: Subject: Couple new features
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Couple new features

Just a few changes on the den to let you know about.

Start with one of the coolest IMO features. A tagBoard on each members profile. You can leave short little messages that other users (also can be private) will see when they visit that users tag board. This is a good place to give other members props. If you wish you can disable the feature in your profile to remove the tagBoard from your member profile. This is an effort to make the profile pages more dynamic and useful.

The next feature is a field you may notice when making a new topic or replying. Under the subject there is a line where you can fill in what you are currently listening too. Then if you filled that out at the bottom of your post (below your signature) you will see that what you were listening to at the time of post will also be included. I am open to suggestions (*hint hint* tell me what you think) if you think this is a cool feature or not.

The last feature is a profile quick edit bar added to the bottom of the page. Towards the bottom of the page you may see the text "Quick Profile Edit". Clicking on it will expand a bar where you can set quick settings. This allows you to easily change features like mood, theme, signature, etc.

The other changes were changes to do with spammer registration and hot linking. You should not notice any different behavior from these changes but let me know if you do.
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