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Author: Subject: Marijuana sold in California Stores?
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[*] posted on 8-23-08 at 10:57 PM   «:|:»  Link to post Reply With Quote
Marijuana sold in California Stores?

Here's an initiative that would allow weed to be sold in any store in California that currently sells alcohol. Weed is so much better than alcohol, but this could be really sweet! I sure hope it passes...

Check out this link:

I know you guys in the Denver area are content because marijuana has been "legalized" for everybody to possess in small quantities, but I really think that this would be a big step in the initiative for the entire nation becoming more friendly to magical herb. (Alright, maybe not quite content, but the rest of the nation is way far behind you.) Jesus, does this nation need to change, but this would be a great first step.
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Good luck with that. IMO the California economy will have to continue to slide downhill before the majority of people would get behind something like this. Unless the state imposed some kind of unheard of mandate against the DEA it would just turn into another way for the gov. (both local and federal) to "double dip" from the tax payers wallet. The article even mentions how this law would bolster hemps ability to compete in the market place, but the governator is on record saying that he would appose legislation for legalizing mass cultivation of hemp as it would only add to the states problems w/ outdoor grow operations. Never mind the fact that hemp fields would ruin any sort of smokable sensimalia crop w/ its pollen... I hope this law gets passed but I dont think it will be some sort of magic bullet.

As for Denver and is "legalization", very little positive movement has come from that law since it passed. People still get fucked all the time for possesion.

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