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Author: Subject: Some Forum Enhancements Done
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Some Forum Enhancements Done

Well I tried to do some enhancements, including one suggested on the todays post. Which is why the forums have sorta been up and down tonight and last night (particularly SSL)....Everything should be working now though. Here is what they are starting with the request. Todays post has been changed to "Topic Activity" where you can now show the recent threads in a given amount of time. It still defaults to one day, but now you can expand that for multiple days as well.

Also you can now have more than one attachment per post. On most threads this is currently set at 3 to 5 attachments per post.

Another attachment change is that now you can include an attachment in a U2U message to a user (only one though).

The users viewing page has had a change which now tries to better guess what is actually a guest person, and what is a website crawler. You will see website crawlers listed as robots.

One new feature is "Karma". It will be displayed under a users name when they make a post, as well as there profile page. You can adjust other users karma by clicking the -/+ next to there rating. This is nothing more than a popularity contest, if you like what someone is saying give them positive karma. If you think they are just being lame trolls, then give them - karma.

There have been lots of minor changes, discreet, or behind the scenes. Including better spam detection features and control. Have also made some visual changes to a few things to try and make it look sharper. You will notice that member profile pages in particular have been updated. No longer showing fields with no data, and including more fields. You can now see there buddy list that they keep, as well as referral information.

Continuing on the buddy list I have made it a lot more valuable in hopes that users will use it more. Now if your sending a U2U your buddy list will be to the right of the to box. That way you can easily just select one of your buddies to send them a U2U. If you wish to edit your buddy list please go to "Control Panel/Options" and then hit "Open Address Book"...you can read about adding users to the address book here: http://den.spicylemons.com/viewthread.php?tid=945#address

I have also increased our members privacy by making is so only other members will be able to browse the member list, or view member profiles. Forcing people to register before they can find that information.

Some of my goals in these changes was to bring in more of the community aspect. Make the profile pages cleaner, and yet with more information. Bring in more of a friends and social networking. Try to encourage forum communication with friends. And to make forum member communication more valuable (ie include attachments in U2U).

If you have any questions, or more recommendations....please post them here:

Next step.....an update for the rest of the website
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