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Author: Subject: You Sell Your Records Through Your What Now?
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[*] posted on 10-9-07 at 03:24 PM   «:|:»  Link to post Reply With Quote
You Sell Your Records Through Your What Now?

The all powerful TRENT REZNOR, lead singer and stylist of popular industrial rock group Nine Inch Nails, just announced that NIN is no longer signed to any sort of record deal with any sort of record label, and it seems he wants to keep it that way. Dr. Rez has been quite critical of his various record labels during his career and in recent years has continued to bitch and moan about how 'The Man' has altered his all-knowing 'vision'. Check it out HERE

All that aside I think that this is a big step in the right direction for all artists. With outlets such as iTunes and Myspace providing the platform for both established and new artists to get their music out there the need for a record label really is longer. I hope other artists follow King Rezo's lead and kick the major labels in the balls like I've wanted to every single time I've paid $18.50 for 12 songs from Best Buy.

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I agree, I really hope that NIN can show it is possible to be a major success without being tied to a label. I really think he could and may show that intellectual property does not have to be so locked up to produce a profit.

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[*] posted on 10-9-07 at 09:08 PM   «:|:»  Link to post Reply With Quote

That's awesome. I really hope this becomes a trend.(I'm sure you guys have all heard about the new RadioHead album); and it's not like he really needs em at this point. And I bet his art will benefit.

I would be willing to bet he could bankrole the entire production process. I wonder if he could distribute and advertise effectivley...I just hope it dosen't delay him touring soon. I'm thirsty for some NIN.
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[*] posted on 10-9-07 at 09:21 PM   «:|:»  Link to post Reply With Quote

He said that he already had enough material for "Year One". As far as I am aware he generally bankrolled his own productions anyway. If your label is doing it they meddle and push you on time. I believe he decided to leave his label over his anger over the...eh...I think it's called the EuroMax, or the MaxPack or something like that...along with what his record label told him about the pricing of his album to Australian fans, who had to pay close to $30 Australian (which is about 0.90 to our dollar) compared to those who had to pay merely (ha! way too much anyway) $18 for an Avril Lavigne album. Eww. His label told him that his fans were loyal and willing to pay $30 (or almost anything) for it...which he felt was disgusting, because it punishes loyalty. Just label policies like that. My boyfriend told me about a month ago that he had heard Reznor was telling people to steal his music, so dissatisfied was he with his label--and we all know that they only understand monetary losses.

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