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Author: Subject: Cloudkicker.
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So, I was in Best Buy earlier (4 GB USB stick for $40 hoooo--much as I dislike Best Buy, that is a good goddamn deal)...and as I walked through the gaming console section I heard a bass line coming from the stereo section that I really liked. I went to investigate and listened for a little while to the CD that was playing, and curious who it was, opened the player up to see it was a copied disk...with no title. So, I asked the employee stalking the department (you know how they do) and he said that it was a band called Cloudkicker, and that he had downloaded the stuff off of their myspace...I don't think they have a singer, but everything I've heard so far sounds really good. Being a drummer, well, I like the drumming. :P

I like the blog that says "buying music is for chumps!"

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