New soulBay game?!
jent - 1-28-11 at 02:35 PM

It's been a while since we have had a good old fashioned soulBay game. I wanted to see if we would have any interest in starting a new one in the next week or so? This post is just to gauge interest in it. There have not really been many improvements since the last game. The biggest new primary feature is that users can opt in to get email digests of sale transactions as they occur. This allows users not having to check in super frequently, and instead know about new ads posted, as well as sales as they happen.

Other features that still exists in the soulBay game:
* Nightly networth calculations, figure out how each player is doing, and who is winning
* Nightly dividends...the higher the networth of any given soul, and the more you own of that soul, means the more money you get every night
* Lotto, nightly winnings, with chances based on how much you buy into the pot
* Loans, need some quick cash? Take out a loan, but be aware, the more you have in loan debt, means the less nightly dividends you can get
* Premium ads...get your ad to the top of the list, and drive traffic to your sales
* Hide profit margins on sales...you can pay a little extra, so that everyone else can't see how rich your becoming from this sale
* Soul Share Splits...if your networth is through the roof, and your shares are incredibly valuable, then your soul will split. A split costs the original owner money, and each share share is split into two shares. Thus making each share half as valuable. In order to split a very high networth must be maintained over the corse of a week (although these values may change based on recommendations before the game starts)
* AND MORE!! (i can't remember them all, this game has been evolving for over a year now!)

Have questions if you can/can't do something...post it!

Have questions on strategy? Post it!

Have suggestions? There is still time to implement changes, so POST IT!

Basically I want to see that we would have a decent amount of users playing before we start the game. So post here if your wanting to play in the next game.

trollbyte - 1-28-11 at 02:55 PM

I am in. Can't play as much as others, but I would find an hour in the evenings to buy and sell.

jent - 2-4-11 at 11:27 AM

come on guys! if you don't want to play a new game, maybe post why??

LTTank - 2-8-11 at 12:01 PM

I myself would love to play, even with my limited ability to be available every day.
Bring it on!